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Auto & Home Insurance

Auto Insurance

How about reducing your vehicle comp deductibles to zero if your vehicles and home are damaged by the same hail storm? We do this. The additional cost? Actually, we'll lower your premium.

Who changes their tires anymore? Who knows HOW to change their tires anymore? Our Roadside Assistance Program includes this and more. It even applies to vehicles you insure with liability only.. heck, it even applies to someone else's vehicle if you're a passenger.

How about Accident &/or Minor Violation Forgiveness? We've got that.

Big discounts for excellent credit history? Yep, we do that.

Homeowners Insurance

Everyone covers Fire, Lightning, Windstorm and Hail damage to your Air Conditioner/Heating System.. but how about Mechanical Breakdown? We do this.. usually for under $30 for the year.

Ever had a deductible AND depreciation taken after a covered loss? We'll show you why it happened and how to possibly prevent depreciation from being taken on future losses.

Let us show you how your good credit history can equal big savings.

Raymond Bauer Agency
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Burdett, KS 67523

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